Hurricane Ian may have provided a "Sharknado" like experience for a real estate agent in Florida.

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The Sharknado movie series featured 6 movies that were released on the Syfy network between 2013 and 2018. These movies all featured violent storms with sharks flying through the air in tornadoes and hurricanes. The films were all ridiculous and pointless but managed to build a huge audience after the first movie which provided 5 more sequels and even a spin-off movie called, "Sharknado: Heart of Sharkness."

I have to admit that I highly enjoyed these movies. There were all glorified "B movies" that had name actors like Tara Reid and features many cameos from big stars. Each movie consists of a tornado or hurricane that propelled sharks into the air and then began attacking people.

With Halloween coming up and you have seen all the slasher films, the Sharknado film series may do the trick.

Rotten Tomatoes Trailers YouTube Channel
Rotten Tomatoes Trailers YouTube Channel

One thing the Sharknado film series did do was put into the back of Americans' minds that when a big storm comes, watch out for sharks.

After several storms, in Florida, Texas, and North Carolina, there has been a photo of a shark that was swimming near a flooded highway circulated around the internet plus many other hoax photos and videos have surfaced but not someone may have actually captured a real shark swimming in a neighborhood during hurricane Ian.

Is This Footage of a Shark Swimming in a Florida Neighborhood During Hurricane Ian?

According to the Washington Post, a Florida real estate agent by the name of Dominic Cameratta filmed the video above with his cellphone of what might be a shark swimming through a Florida neighborhood.

The video has been authenticated that it was shot during hurricane Ian but experts are not sure whether it's a shark or another type of fish.

It looks like a young shark but the good news is this one is not attacking anyone like in the Sharknado films.

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