With the Presidential elections coming up...everyone is focused on the candidates and their platforms. They all have different ideas of how to do things, and they each have a plan for how to spend our money. But how much of your money are they looking to take from you? That's a pretty important question!

Luckily, the Tax Policy Center has created a calculator based on each candidate's tax plan. All you have to do is enter your annual salary, whether you're married or single, and how many kids you have. Hit SUBMIT, and the calculator will show you how much more or less you will be paying every year under each candidate. (Should their tax measures pass.)

You can try tons of different combinations to see if you're going to get hit hard, and by who! We all know everyone will feel the Bern, and he's even admitted that he's going to raise taxes. But it's not just going to be the rich who get Bern-ed. We're all going to feel it.

How do you feel about that? Does this affect your voting choice at all?

This is what would happen to you if you make $28,000 a year, are single, and have no kids. (via TaxPolicyCenter.org)

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