One of the biggest days of the year for people to call in sick to work is the day after the Super Bowl, but what if that day was a holiday like Presidents Day?

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Should The Day After The Super Bowl Be a Holiday?

For many years football fans have been screaming for the day after the Super Bowl to be a holiday and I agree.

DeFodi Images via Getty Images
DeFodi Images via Getty Images

To show the significance the Super Bowl has on Michiganders and the rest of the country, this year's event was the most-watched television event in history. With nearly 128 million viewers, having the day off after your big watch party would make sense right?

Some football fans go all out for their Super Bowl party. Even if you're one of those families that do not drink and throw a big party (which is most of the country), but you have to drag yourself to work early the next morning, you start your week off already burned out.

I highly doubt the television networks that air the game will propose an earlier game time, so what about making the day after a holiday or moving a holiday to land after the big game?

What If Presidents Day Was The Day After The Super Bowl?

I am sure with our disjointed government not being able to do a single thing creating a new holiday would be too great of a task for our lackluster politicians on both sides of the aisle.  What if Presidents Day was moved to be the day after the Super Bowl? I say, "Genius!"

The only significance of Presidents Day is that it is a U.S. federal holiday that is celebrated on the third Monday of February in honor of George Washington's birthday. President's Day has not landed on Washington's birthday since 1971 when lazy politicians moved the holiday away from his birthday to the third Monday of the month.

So why not put Presidents Day the day after the Super Bowl? It won't affect the holiday, a new holiday doesn't have to be created, and no more calling in to work or burning a vacation day to get the day off for those who get it off.

This sounds too simple and sensible for politicians to be able to understand a concept like this but Governor Whitmer, if you are reading this...let's get this done for at least us Michiganders.

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