A couple on TikTok noticed that 89-year-old Derlin Newey was having trouble making ends meet, so they rallied their online community to raise some money for him. They ended up gifting him $12,000 to help him out.

KSLTV reports that Derlin works for Papa John's in Roy, Utah, and had formed a bit of a friendship with two of his customers - Carlos Valdez and his wife. They even started posting videos of him delivering pizza on their popular TikTok account. Their followers loved him, but were wondering why a man of his age was working delivering pizza.

Well, it turns out that he's doing it because he has to. KSLTV reports that he lives alone in a mobile home, and had to take the job just to be able to pay his bills.

Hopefully this $12,000 makes it so that he doesn't have to work quite as much and can enjoy his golden years a little more.

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