There's some land for sale near me and the realtors who have been trying to sell it have no idea where the property lines are when my land was properly surveyed and marked.

I purchased 23 acres from an 80 acre parcel and it is well marked with orange posts and survey markers but still the realtors keep promising some of my land to their potential clients.

The first realtor the neighbor used, took several photos of my land, treestands and even turkeys that were walking in my land to try and sell the neighbor's land.

I had to get my realtor to contact them to remove the photos and now a second realtor is trying to sell the land and has walked further back on to my land and is using photos to try and sell someone else's property instead of the actual land that is for sale.

I'm not sure why I have to continue to police this. Has anyone ever heard of a land survey other than myself?

Isn't there some sort or realtors' ethics code that they use to properly sell land?

I have multiple trail cameras that are set up to monitor the tiny paranoid deer I have pass across my little piece of land land but I'm catching more trespassers on my camera than actual deer.

I will reach out to my realtor once again to get the photos taken down. I am also going to have to find out why it is so difficult to show the proper markings of the property and that be what the realtor shows the potential buyer.

The neighbor is too cheap to purchase a survey and for some reason he thinks his property lines are different that the ones from the paid survey that I have.

If anyone has any ideas, feel free to email me at the station.

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