Any of you guys ever F up at work? And when I say F up, I mean, like F up BIG TIME!? And yeah, work place accidents happen--I guess it's part of doing business right? And there is something about a hot little dirty cleaning lady that I find oddly attractive. Maybe that’s not so odd.

We had a cleaning lady that worked here about two years ago who was young, hot dirty & tight. And yea, I wanted to hit it, but that didn’t happen. I’m not what you would call a big hit with the chicks.

But that doesn’t matter, I have an awesome single guy man life & I love it. I’m not sure if this next cleaning chick was hot, young, dirty and tight, but that’s what I’m going with, at least in my mind for this story. Haha….And this might be one of the biggest F ups anyone has ever made at work.

Last week, this hot, young, dirty, tight cleaning chick was cleaning at the Ostwall Museum over in Dortmund Germany and the museum had a $1.1 million sculpture on display. It was a sculpture called “ When it starts dripping from the ceiling" and it was basically a bunch of wooden slats over what appeared to be a dried puddle of water on the floor. No idea why that would be worth $1.1 million, it sounds kinda lame to me…but apparently it was.

This hot, young, dirty, tight cleaning lady sees the stain from the puddle on the floor, thought the museum ceiling was leaking, and she completely scrubbed away the dried puddle!

Which wasn’t a dried puddle at all, apparently it was a very important part of this million dollar sculpture! And I guess the cleaning staff had been warned to stay at least eight inches away from the artwork, so museum officials are baffled how the misunderstanding occurred. Haha…No word on whether the cleaning lady lost her job or not….but you would think, that just like working anywhere…work place accidents happen right?

It’s just part of day to day business. Ya know what happened I’ll bet….if she was really a hot, young, dirty, tight cleaning lady like I’ve been picturing in my head….all was forgiving and she got to keep her job. And if she was a big fat gross cleaning lady, she was out like trout! Hahaha….Cuz its no secret, if you’re a chick, life is much easier if you’re an attractive chick. We have gross cleaning ladies now, what a load of crap that is.

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