Need Another Reason to Love Ronda Rousey?
Mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey has taken the female fighting world by storm in recent years. She has worked her way through the smaller events in her years in the sport and the 25-year-old blonde has now made her mark in Strikeforce. What she did outside the octagon, though, is what has some atte…
Attractive women fighting: Hot or not?
Here at WGRD, we are equal opportunity mixed martial arts fans. In the most recent couple of years, that has come to include women, for better or worse. That begs the age old question asked by men for generation: Are two women in a cat fight or better yet a cage fight, hot?
How Not to Have Sex With a Hot Flight Attendant!
Any of you guys ever do the dirty with a flight attendant? Probably not. Maybe some of you have. And if ya have, well big ups and mad props you to man! And if you are a guy, its probably only natural that you would like to have intercourse with a hot flight attendant...

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