Today has been declared National "Send A Nude" Day, and I'm happy and terrified at the same time.

I'm happy at the thought of thousands of women finally breaking down and sending nudes to their significant others, or maybe to guys they would like to have as a SO. The female body is amazing and is enjoyed by both men and women for its absolute awesomeness.

I'm terrified because guy's bodies...not as much. As much as you think she likes your dick pic, guys, she really doesn't. Especially if she didn't ask for it. Seriously. Keep that s*** in your pants where it belongs.

Now if she asks...

So go out there and celebrate "Send a Nude" Day the way it's been celebrated since ancient Egyptian times, by sending a text with your boobs in:

Wall Carving Of Egyptian God Isis
This is an Egyptian Nude Text (Getty Images)

I'm also happy that there really is a holiday for everything! Which makes me happy in my job, because I get to write about all these crazy things people have decided we should be celebrating. National "Spider-monkeys With Amazing Abacus Skills" Day, sure...National "Didn't Drop My Cupcake on the Floor" Day, awesome...National "Pretend Rice Cakes Actually Taste Like Food" Day...not so much.


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