It was only a few weeks ago that the Michigan High School Athletic Association or MHSSA decided that football in the fall wouldn't happen and they would try to move the season to the spring.  They also talked about other fall sports possibly getting pushed to next year as well. But they also said that it was a fluid situation and they'd be examining new info from the time of that decision on.

Well, ABC 12 is reporting that the MHSAA could be about to do an about-face on their decision and let football happen here during the fall. Although that decision would also need Governor Whitmer's help as she would have to either amend or cancel her executive order that prevents outdoor competitions from happening if social distancing isn't possible.

The change of heart from the MHSAA is based on what they're seeing from other states in our region that have started highschool football in the fall, and aren't having massive outbreaks of the coronavirus, according to ABC 12.

There's still a lot of discussions being had, some of the options are letting administrators decide if they want to play in the fall or spring, based on their comfort level, as well as letting northern Michigan, which has been ahead of the lower part of the state on the reopening plan, play football in the fall and letting the rest of the state start their season next spring, ABC 12 reports.

There's still no word on soccer, volleyball, or swimming competitions happening this fall, as they are also sidelined by the MHSAA due to pandemic restrictions set forth by the governor.

There's still a lot to be worked out - and whether starting fall football in the next couple weeks could actually work out, schedule-wise, because ABC 12 says schools would have at least two weeks of practice before the first games were played.  For those who want football, between President Trump's push for the Big 10 to play and now this, you may get some fall sports soon.


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