During the morning show we talked about weird food combinations after Fish found a Reddit thread that went viral. We’ve all got them… something that we personally enjoy but other people would find weird or absolutely disgusting. 

Fish said since he was a kid he would mix mashed potatoes with corn and APPLESAUCE. Sorry but what?! Steve said he doesn't really eat anything that weird which is weird in itself considering he's a stoner. And me, Christine, I like to make a sandwich that consists of cheese (has to be white cheese) with sliced cucumber, tomato, fresh parsley, jam or jelly, and then drenched in hot sauce. 

We asked the Click of Six and West Michigan to answer with their weird food combinations that they love and this is what you all had to say:

  • I love ranch and use it on a lot of things. Burgers. Instead of ketchup and mustard I use ranch. Same thing for hot dogs. I drain the water out of my ramen and mix in some ranch. I dip my pizza in ranch. Corn dogs in ranch. Okay CLEARLY this guy is getting white girl wasted off of ranch. That ramen thing is definitely a first.
  • Mac n cheese w tuna and hot pepper flakes
  • I thought my peanut butter, jelly, butter, and Mayo sandwich was weird but Christine sandwich is nuts
  • Peanut butter and mustard sandwichUmmm... WHAT?!
  • My mom was raised it down south and used to make cornbread just to break it up in the morning and pour milk over it and eat it like cereal
  • I love dipping my Checkers fries into my vanilla bacon milkshake. Seriously it's going to be the best thing you've ever had. Nothing about that sounds weird. In fact... pass one along to me!!
  • Peanut butter and pickle sandwich
  • Cool Ranch Doritos and cottage cheese
  • Lemon juice on potatoes and cream style corn
  • Doritos and cottage cheese is SO GOOD. Seriously... another one!?!
  • I love Kraft Mac n cheese with mustard on it! Pregnancy changes the palate. 12 years later still my favorite go to!! My family gets grossed out every time!! Nothing gross about this. I recommend everyone put mustard in their Mac and cheese and add some parmesan as well.

This is just SOME of the weird food combinations you guys came up with. If you have any you swear by let us know in the comments! Maybe one of us will be brave enough (or high enough) to try your weird food combinations.

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