I imagine the road to fame can be difficult.

I'm not sure though, at what point you say, "You know what? Screw it. I'm going to get my name out there by saying Mila Kunis stole my chicken when we were bffs in Ukraine back in the day."

This is happening. And here's the woman who's doing it. And here's the music video for her song "Give Me Green Card".

TMZ reports that a woman named Kristina Karo claims that 25 years ago, she and actress Mila Kunis were the best friends, growing up together in Ukraine.

One day all that changed, when Mila stole Kristina's pet chicken named "Doggie".

Apparently this traumatized Kristina and lead to years of therapy, according to her lawsuit.

When Kristina moved to L.A. to pursue her singing career, all of those old "my pet chicken was stolen" wounds opened up again, because of the proximity to her former best friend, Mila, who lives in Hollywood.

According to TMZ  Kristina is suing for $5,000 so she can can get back into therapy and for all of the emotional distress.

Mila filmed this heartfelt video in response.