Because I am a girl, and I am the only one who cares I am in charge of making sure once a year we get some updated photos!  This year we worked with renowned photographer Tim Priest.  Tim has a studio in down town Grand Rapids where JT, Shaffee and myself gathered together for a few photos. The boys like to now refer to themselves as models, so if you would like to book JT or Shaffee for any of your modeling needs, I guess I am there agent... ;)


We like this one because we look like a bad ass rock band as opposed to a rag tag group of radio DJ's.
JT and Myself
JT, Shaffee, Jackie
rooftop shot!
shot of JT
Jackie (ME)

Tim Priest made us look awesome, (Not always an easy feat.)  His work speaks for itself, check him out on facebook, or his website!