Give your Martini a splash of Michigan.

The first all-Michigan Gin, made from 100% local ingredients including juniper hand-picked on Beaver Island.

Long Road Distillers via YouTube

I'm a sucker for gin and juice so this is great news to me.

I really need to up my 'bar' game at home. You can really cover the basics and have nothing but Grand Rapids based booze on your bar shelf.

Long Road offers 5 types of whiskey (some limited runs), vodka, brandy, and now gin.

Only thing I can think of that's missing is tequila. Guess we're just going to have to wait and see if they can track down any agave plants in Michigan.

That's their thing, they use products grown in Michigan to make their liquors. Pretty cool huh?

Maybe they could convince the folks at Meijer Gardens to grow some agave in their green house... stranger things have happened... right?

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