Wayland is back in town tomorrow night, for another fantastic show at The Intersection! These guys kick serious ass live, and it's a great, fun show to see. It's a cool bonus that they're here from the Grand Rapids area, so we get to claim another amazing band!

I'm getting ready for the show by checking out some videos I have from the last year since I got here and started filming the guys...they're fun, and a trip to hang out with!

Come hang out with us tomorrow night, it'll be a great show, I guarantee it! It's an all-ages show, so bring the family!

Check out this cool video from their Intersection show last year, of the guys warming up the harmony vocals in the bus before the show!

Here's a cool, fun video of the tour bus they've been touring the country in for the last couple years. It's about to retire, but it's a fun view into how they live.

Here's some video from that Intersection show, their cover of 'Fire Down Below'.