In the 1980's, video games only required 2 people to program a single game. Nowadays, they require a team of over 1000 to produce one game! The cool thing though about a single programmer, is that they can come up with some weird stuff. Like a fluffy ball thing with legs and a large tubular nose.

What: You play a Q-Bert, a strange creature that has a large nose and jumps on squares to change colors. Beware of snakes, balls, and that stupid green thing that changes the colors! Hit all of the platforms and reach for the high score!

Why: Q-Bert is a fun little arcade game that I could just sit at for hours. Actually, if you head to Stella's Lounge (downtown Grand Rapids on Ionia), you can check out this game in all of its glory. This is no easy game however, it requires reflex and pattern. Which my friend at our sister station WFGR says he is THE MASTER of this game. One thing that always brought up the question...what the hell is Q-Bert?!?! He looks like the b**terd son of Gonzo (Muppets....get it?) A lot of these old characters makes you wonder, what they heck were they smoking to come up with these characters? On the other hand though, I give them a ton of credit for creating a character that has lasted for generations, and is very recognizable. The first time I played Q-Bert was on my parents' Atari 2600...still fun as hell. Maybe I will bring in my Atari 2600 to the WGRD office and challenge my WFGR friend. LET'S DO THIS!

Stay tuned for a GTTBYD video of my losing badly at Q-Bert. Maybe I better get Web Guy Steve on this.