With the World Cup going on, the entire country has soccer fever -- at least for a few weeks.

New York sports radio and television host Mike Francesa, notorious for falling asleep during an interview, was trying to feign interest while talking to St. John's University Men's Soccer Coach Dave Masur.

Francesa, who obviously doesn't know a thing about soccer, was really asking the hard-hitting questions.

Among his questions to Masur: "Are there guys who kick with both legs?"

Masur was barely able to hold back, blatantly laughing at the question while handling it in stride.

Granted, Francesa's listeners on WCBS are primarily only tuning in to hear about the New York Yankees, New York Mets and New York Giants. But c'mon man! At least know the basics of a sport you're going to be talking about; especially if it's the sport that has the national spotlight for a few weeks!

Source: Free Beer & Hot Wings