For the 11th consecutive year, we tried to do our part to help out families in need this Christmas season with Free Beer & Hot Wings Holiday Break-Ins.

Rick Martinez/97.9 WGRD
Rick Martinez/97.9 WGRD

"The Free Beer & Hot Wings Morning Show" asks for nominations from people who know someone who could use a little help around the holidays. Then, with the help from our accomplice and our staff at 97.9 WGRD, we break into homes and leave gifts -- both fun and necessity.

No notes are left or pictures taken. It's all anonymous.

Kyle, who works with the show, were out this morning to help a family get a tiny spot of enjoyment this Christmas season after the tragic loss of a parent.

Times were already tight before medical bills became a big issue, so Christmas was on the back burner. That was before tragedy struck and now it is almost an afterthought.

So, Kyle and his hoodlums came to the rescue with some much needed help to provide some hope.

So, Producer Joe and his hoodlums visited today to hopefully help make their Christmas brighter.

Kyle's Free Beer & Hot Wings Holiday Break-In (Audio)

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