This story about a dog will make you really sad at first, but stick with it because it has a happy ending.

Lady, also known as Ma Kettle, is a 12-year-old black lab who has had a rough couple of years, KWCH-TV reports.

In 2012, Lady's owner died. No one wanted the poor dog, so she was sent to a Kansas animal shelter and adopted.

After living with her new owners for a while, they ended up getting a puppy. However, Lady and the new pup did not get along too well, so Lady was sent back to the shelter.

Earlier this summer, Lady was adopted again by a family about 30 miles away. But her desire to return to her previous owners was overwhelming. She managed to escape and WALK THE 30 MILES back to her old home!

But her journey didn't end there. The previous owners didn't want Lady back, and her new owners also didn't want her. So, it was back to the shelter for Lady.

After the shelter posted Lady's tale on social media, it was overwhelmed with calls and messages from people wanting to adopt Lady. And she really lucked out.

Helen Rich Rosburg heard the story and expressed interest in adopting Lady.

Rosburg is the great-granddaughter of the founder of the Wrigley Gum company. She's dedicated a huge chunk of her massive inheritance to helping abandoned animals.

So, Lady was picked up on a private jet and flown to Rosburg's 120-acre ranch in Odessa, Fla., where she will live out her days running in the fields with other dogs.

See, we told you it had a happy ending!

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