Five Finger Death Punch have set the title of their new album as 'Got Your Six', and it's due out later this year! They recorded it with Kevin Churko produced the album with them again, from his Las Vegas studio where they recorded this one.

It'll come out after they start their tour with Papa Roach, In This Moment, and From Ashes to New, which you can still vote to get Grand Rapids a show on! (I know, don't end my sentence like that. This ain't journalism, buddy, this is rock music.)

Check out the teaser they released, a bit of the song, 'Ain't My Last Dance', which is pretty freaking heavy! It's got the catchy hook in there that 5FDP is known for, but has some really heavy riffs and sound in there!

I'm really looking forward to the new album, and keep voting for Grand Rapids to get a show, that would be awesome, especially after seeing them last year crushing the Deltaplex with Volbeat! Great band, great live show!

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