Pretty much every day, my shift starts with the same set of prep steps to make the GRD studio habitable for a few hours. From the time the Free Beer and Hot Wings show is over, to the time I come in, things can go south pretty quickly. Not that Janna is to blame for any of it.

Food thrown away in the studio is a pet peeve, since I'm usually the one in here much later in the day, when it's begun to turn, and the room really starts smelling pretty bad. So first, throw out all the trashcans.

Then, since the stench is pretty bad, I have to disinfect the air in the room. A lot.

I also take a moment to disinfect the windscreen on the microphone, since Zane likes to leave presents for us. Meaning, he farts on the microphone before he leaves. It's gross.

I also have to turn the thermostat way down, since by the time I come in, it's built up to 75 degrees in the studio, which is pretty warm for a room. The guys like it warm in the morning, and Janna likes it sweltering in here,'s so hot in here.

Watch the video above for my daily routine, and enjoy. If there's anything else from behind the scenes you'd like to see, feel free to let me know, I'll film pretty much anything. Except the sicko.

And I'm not sure what happened at the end of the video. I apologize in advance for it.

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