About 6 women got into an altercation at a Sunoco gas station on Detroit's east side and the brawl was caught on camera, Fox 2 Detroit reports.

The fight occurred around noon May 22 and lasted about five minutes and included kicking, punching, and hair-pulling.

A customer at the gas station recorded the scene on his cell phone.

He told Fox 2 it was the "wildest" thing he'd ever seen and at one point the fighting women ended up on the hood of his vehicle. He also said he does not know the women nor the reason they were fighting.

After viewing the footage, Fox 2 alerted local police.

Detroit Police Chief James Craig called the video "troubling", saying

"That's a location where we've seen in excess of 90 calls over a three-month period. That's a problem."

Craig says the police are now looking into the situation.

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