Good news, folks. Father's Day isn't until June, but we've already found the perfect gift for Dad! This is the new "service droid" from Arlan Robotics, which they claim is the "first robotic droid sex toy capable of recreating intimate human oral interaction." Well, hot damn!  
For years, women have had all of the fun with their fancy sex toys, while guys have been left out in the cold with just their hands. But not anymore! This "robot" is hardly a robot at all, and more of a mishmash of metal and motors. But the one thing that it appears to do pretty well is, well, give mouth parties!

Arlan Robotics has started an Indiegogo campaign to try and bring the BJ robot to market and need to raise £12,500 (approximately $16,000). As of this post, they're far short, sitting at only £835. So if you want one of these things to give to that special person this holiday season, get your credit cards out and contribute! You can thank us later.

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