Today on Segment 16, the guys get an update to finally find out what that big explosion was on Saturday night, and then talk stinky biodigesters coming downtown. Sounds like a sci-fi horror movie...

Yesterday on Segment 16, Free Beer brought up the loud explosion he heard on Saturday night, and the guys checked out a story about it, and no one knew what the heck had happened. Even the police were looking for someone to come forward with an explanation.

Someone did! Apparently there was a bachelor party and the guys were firing weapons outside in Byron Center, and blew up some explosive targets.

Then, there's a big update on the new biodigesters coming to Grand Rapids. There will be two of them operational by the end of 2018, and thankfully they'll be installed at the waste treatment plant that already stinks, so things won't get worse. They'll be built to keep the smells down, and take waste water from Founder's, Coke, and Amway, as well as some other places. It'll also begin saving the city a ton of money.


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