Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about a really weird explosion sound that was heard in GR Saturday night. Free Beer immediately blamed his wife for being mad, but that didn't seem to be what it was...

Some people called 911, thinking something had exploded, but no one really knows what it was. Even the news and the police are asking people to call in if you happen to know what it was. If you know what it was, call the Kent County Sheriff's Department at 616.632.6100.

Next up, the guys talk about the huge shortage of skilled workers. A few years ago, people got really nervous about jobs in some of these skilled positions, and now companies are having problems finding workers to fill jobs.

If you're trying to get some work done on your home, or at your business, and there's a huge wait before someone can do the work, it's probably because of the shortage of workers right now.

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