In something that looks like it'd only happen in a cartoon sketch, the Weather Channel's shot of the Georgia Dome being demolished was ruined by a bus. 

The Dome was only around for 25 years but hosted the Super Bowl, Olympics, and the Final Four so it was a pretty big deal!

The Weather Channel was all set up with a perfect shot of the soon-to-be implosion across the street. It all looked great, only mere seconds until the spectacle, and a crowd people counted down from three for the Dome's final show.

However, literally right before the explosions went off, a dang bus pulled right in front of the entire thing!

The bus blocked the whole shot, you can see the dust and smoke rising just behind and over it but all the action of the actual collapse was nonexistent. This definitely did not make the reporters happy and they began saying some not-for-broadcast words.

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