But don't freak out! The City of Hudsonville says it's a mistake.

Officials shared on the City of Hudsonville's Facebook page Monday, July 6, that Kent Communications Inc (KCI), which prints and mails out the water bills, made a clerical error.

Apparently ALL water bills for Hudsonville residents got printed with the water usage of a large downtown account... which totals $3,000.

So when folks in Hudsonville open up their water bill, it's gonna say they owe three grand.

Yeah, just go ahead and toss those.

KCI says they are printing the correct bills and mailing those out.

Man, If I saw a water bill that high my first thought would be, "I know I've been filling up the kiddie pool in the back yard a lot because it's been so dang hot... but $3K???"

Phew, good thing it's just a mistake! Well, except for that one big company whose real bill it is... Sorry?

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