It's definitely home that's out of the ordinary! A residence reminiscent of the "Hobbit Houses" in the Lord of The Rings universe exists in Hudsonville, Mich.

Like the "Hobbit-Holes" of The Shire in J.R.R .Tolkein's fantasy land, Middle Earth, this unique residence is built right into the side of a hill! Explore this unique property in the gallery below!

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Now I don't know the *exact* specs on Bilbo's or Frodo's hobbit house, but I'd guess the home for in Hudsonville has a *bit* more space at 1900 square feet.

Nick J Holtrop/ EXP Realty
Nick J Holtrop/ EXP Realty

The home was up for sale a few years ago, and according to the listing:

This 1900 square foot berm home is set in the side of a hill almost a quarter mile off the road! Set high up on 5 secluded acres in Hudsonville Schools, and Jamestown Township this place will blow you away!


Nick J Holtrop/ EXP Realty
Nick J Holtrop/ EXP Realty

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The unusual Hudsonville home features:

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • Expansive patio
  • Cozy sitting area with balcony overlooking the main level
  • Private pond
  • Heated, Insulated Pole Barn
  • Geothermal heating and cooling system, live roof make this home super efficient

Aside from just looking cool, or if the owner is a HUGE fan of the The Lord of the Rings books and movies - why build a house into the side of a hill?

Well, to that last bullet point above, it's eco-friendly.

According to Rocket Homes, "Hobbit Homes" also know as "earth-sheltered homes" or "bermed-earth homes", exist all over the world because they’re a cost-effective housing alternative. The soil surrounding the home helps to insulate it; Rocket says, "a thoughtfully designed hobbit house can be extremely energy-efficient."

Unusual Earth-Covered 'Hobbit House' Exists in Hudsonville, Mich.

A unique "berm home" on five secluded acres was up for sale a few years ago in Hudsonville. Reminiscent of the "hobbit houses" in Lord of the Rings, the 1900 square foot home is built into the side of a hill, making it super energy efficient. Additional selling points include an expansive patio, private pond, and a heated/ insulated pole barn.

Gallery Credit: Nick J Holtrop/ EXP Realty

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