Looking for a home that's out of the ordinary? A residence reminiscent of the "Hobbit Houses" in the Lord of The Rings universe has hit the market in Hudsonville, Mich.

Like the "Hobbit-Holes" of The Shire in J.R.R .Tolkein's fantasy land, Middle Earth, this unique residence is built right into the side of a hill! Explore this unique property in the gallery below!

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Now I don't know the *exact* specs on Bilbo's or Frodo's hobbit house, but I'd guess the home for sale in Hudsonville for $399,900 has a *bit* more space at 1900 square feet.

Nick J Holtrop/ EXP Realty
Nick J Holtrop/ EXP Realty

According to the listing:

This 1900 square foot berm home is set in the side of a hill almost a quarter mile off the road! Set high up on 5 secluded acres in Hudsonville Schools, and Jamestown Township this place will blow you away!


Nick J Holtrop/ EXP Realty
Nick J Holtrop/ EXP Realty

The unusual Hudsonville home features:

  • 3 Bedrooms
  • 3 Bathrooms
  • Expansive patio
  • Cozy sitting area with balcony overlooking the main level
  • Private pond
  • Heated, Insulated Pole Barn
  • Geothermal heating and cooling system, live roof make this home super efficient

Aside from just looking cool, or if the owner is a HUGE fan of the The Lord of the Rings books and movies - why build a house into the side of a hill?

Well, to that last bullet point above, it's eco-friendly.

According to Rocket Homes, "Hobbit Homes" also know as "earth-sheltered homes" or "bermed-earth homes", exist all over the world because they’re a cost-effective housing alternative. The soil surrounding the home helps to insulate it; Rocket says, "a thoughtfully designed hobbit house can be extremely energy-efficient."

Unusual Earth-Covered 'Hobbit House' For Sale in Hudsonville, Mich.

A unique "berm home" on five secluded acres has hit the market in Hudsonville. Reminiscent of the "hobbit houses" in Lord of the Rings, the 1900 square foot home is built into the side of a hill, making it super energy efficient. Additional selling points include an expansive patio, private pond, and a heated/ insulated pole barn.

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