If you have not heard about all of the misconduct allegations within the Dallas Mavericks organization, it's kind of okay because even the team's owner Mark Cuban was apparently also unaware for years. 

In a recent interview with ESPN's Rachel Nichols, Cuban was forced to answer tough questions about the sexual misconduct and his knowledge of it in the business office.

According to reports, the Mavericks has been an awful work environment for women with multiple human resources reports and little to no actions taken to change.

Cuban stated he had no real idea and was not around in the business office to really know the day-to-day operations or the "office culture."

However, the point Nichols was making and what we're all wondering, how did he just not know!? Especially when accusations against then and now current CEO Terdema Ussery were existent when Cuban bought the team in the first place.

His answer, while it's not satisfying, does make sense when you really think about it.

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