I admit that I am a nerd. A typical Friday night for me is Mario Kart and beer... or a group of people playing Elder Sign and again, beer. One thing my friends and I do that is just stupid-er than stupid is called CAPS... I will tell you about this time honored tradition, but no laughing...

CAPS is for people who really like pop, like myself and my friends. We typically do this with Mountain Dew, or Diet Dew... now here is what it is.

Everyone gets a sock (they are new or clean I promise!) We open the pop, put the sock over the pop, like a condom... Pull the sock as taunt as you can. Then we have a timer who says something like, "Cappers are you ready?" and then we begin.

Begin what? We chug pop through through the sock, duh. My fastest friend can finish the can in 9 seconds, I am not near as good. Anyway it's something we have been bringing back recently and I am just starting to figure out just who weird it is.

Do you have any stupid useless "games" you and your friends play? Do tell! Comment below!