It's a meme repeated over and over on the internet. 'No, officer, I wasn't drunk, I was just swerving to avoid the potholes."

Now THAT'S no longer an excuse.

An Ohio woman was cited for moving into an occupied lane when she was swerving to avoid potholes in her hometown of Canton.

Alana Corns took to social media after picking up the ticket. She admits what she did was potentially dangerous, but said she said she did it to make the city aware of how bad the pothole problem is in Canton.

"I have to take responsibility for (the ticket), but I more so wanted to post it to get awareness because the roads are horrible," Corns told WOIO-TV. "If the city was doing what they were supposed to be doing, I wouldn't have to be dodging pot holes, and I wouldn't have gotten the ticket in the first place."

Sound familiar? I'm looking at YOU, Diamond Avenue north of Knapp.



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