The guys make fun of me for bringing my own blankets and pillows to hotels when I stay in them but turns out for once I am the smart one. You just assume that when you check into a hotel, your room is going to be clean. But after watching this investigative report from Inside Edition, you may need to rethink that.

Inside Edition checked in to numerous hotel rooms at many different chains in New York City recently. They marked the sheets with a special, washable spray that only shows up under the light from a black light. They then checked out, and then checked back into the same room the next day. Now, if the sheets had been washed, the marking that they left on them would be gone. So what do you think happened? Yup, your worst nightmare. In many cases, the sheets had not been washed. Gross.

So what does that mean for you the next time you're in a hotel? Oh, nothing big...just that you're sleeping in someone else's sleep stew from the previous night. No big deal, right?

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