Starting Monday getting a COVID-19 vaccination is going to be a bit easier, as DeVos Place opens their doors as an "appointment-only" COVID-19 vaccine center starting Monday, January 25th.

WOODTV says the clinic is a partnership between the Kent County Health Department, Mercy Health, Spectrum Health, and other partners with Vaccinate West Michigan. While starting off, they'll be below their daily goal number because of limited supply, the goal is to be able to vaccinate 20,000 people per day at the clinic opening at DeVos Place.

Dr. Darryl Elmouchi, Spectrum Health President, told WOODTV,

“A key part of this new clinic is we can truly scale it to give thousands of vaccines a day to community members. Obviously, we all know the key is to get the vaccine so we can actually administer them.”

The vaccination clinic will be by appointment only, so even though it's a large facility, due to how hard it's been to secure the actual vaccine in large quantities, they're not going to be anywhere near their 20,000 per day number starting off. So there will be limited appointments starting off.  Currently, the state of Michigan has opened vaccines to people over 65 years of age, healthcare workers, essential workers, as well as teachers and childcare workers.

Eventually, when more vaccines become available, the location, amount of parking around the facility, and access to bus routes will make this a very handy location for getting the vaccination out to more people. Once the clinic is up and running at DeVos Place, they'll have parking below the building with 2 hours of free parking and other options available as well, which WOODTV says they'll discuss with you once they create your appointment.

Health officials told WOODTV that they have everything they need for a large scale vaccination rollout, including clinic spaces, staff, scheduling software, over 20,000 people who have signed up ready for an appointment, they're really just waiting on more doses of the vaccine to become available.

WOODTV says to keep checking to register and see when appointments become available around West Michigan at any of the various clinics, which would also include DeVos Place.  If you can't go online, you can register by phone at  833-755-0696.

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