Slipknot are currently blazing through a monster tour with Lamb of God, Bullet for My Valentine and Motionless in White. You may have witnessed Slipknot's phenomenal stage show, which is packed with fire, death-defying drum stunts and the general insanity you've come to love from the masked nine. We recently met up with Slipknot percussionist Shawn 'Clown' Crahan in Detroit so the twisted mind could give us an exclusive tour of the many dangers surrounding the 'Knot's show.

The technical aspects behind the chaos are mind boggling. Slipknot employ a massive crew to put together the band's live enigma, and the engineering is a danger in itself. One of the things Crahan showed us was how Slipknot is able to harness so much fire and how easily it can all go wrong. The backstage area is absolutely filled with propane and other flammable containers, which could blow a venue to Hell if not handled properly.

If you think the days of Slipknot members physically catching fire were over, you're wrong. Accidents happen, and not too long ago, Clown was actually set aflame after standing in the wrong spot during a new song added to the set. "If I wouldn't have been wearing a mask over my head, I would have burnt my face for sure," says Clown.

After taking us onto Slipknot's stage before the Detroit gig, Clown pointed out the finer things on the band's stage, including their giant demon head. He goes on to speak about further injuries, most notably when percussionist Chris Fehn tore his ACL after jumping from his drum riser.

If you want to know the intimate and chaotic details behind Slipknot's traveling circus, you need to watch this exclusive clip! Tickets for Slipknot's current tour are still available, so to grab yourself a seat, click here. For even more awesome Slipknot deals, check out Live Nation's Video Box Office.

Special thanks to cameraman Strati Hovartos and video editor Paul Brasil, along with the good folks at Live Nation.

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