Before Crobot took the stage at the Intesection with Sevendust on Tuesday, September 13th, they stopped by WGRD to hang out with some winners and perform some acoustic versions of their songs. Great guys, really funny, and such a cool experience with a new take on their music.

They performed four songs for us, including their latest single, "Not For Sale", as well as a couple more from their new album Welcome to Fat City, "Moment of Truth", and "Plague of the Mammoths", as well as one from their first album, "La Mano de Lucifer".

These guys are really good, and so much fun to see perform. They bring it and have a great time every show. They have quickly become one of my "must-see" bands live, they're so good.

They've been through a couple times to GR, and I hope they come back many more times. I'll be there when they do, and so should you!

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