Tuesday night Sevendust rolled into The Intersection with Crobot, Wilson, and 12 Foot Ninja to bring more metal to Grand Rapids! The show started early, about 6:30, with 12 Foot Ninja, and just got crazier and sweatier all night!

When Sevendust hit the stage with Pieces, people were moshing and singing along, jumping with Lajon and the guys, and really getting into the show.

Sevendust is still one of the heaviest bands out there, with precision riffing, cool vocals, and a huge wall of sound. I've been a fan of these guys since they were still called Crawlspace, and I heard "Breathe" on a soundtrack. It was one of the million Mortal Kombat soundtrack albums that came out in the 90s...the moment I heard them I was hooked on the band, and would pester everyone around to check them out.

20 years or so later, they're still kicking ass, and I still love going to see them.

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