If you've been shopping in Allendale recently and been approached by a random man asking you to go and be a part of a wrestling event at the Sleep Inn, you are not alone.

FOX-17 reports that several women have reported run-ins with this man to the Ottawa County Sheriff's Department.

One woman, Rochelle Dozeman, was approached at the Dollar Tree in Allendale. After sharing her story on the Allendale Informed Facebook page, she learned that another woman had encountered the same man at the Allendale Family Fare.

Dozeman told FOX-17 that she asked the man for a flier, or anything to prove the legitimacy of the event he claimed to be recruiting her for. He was unable to provide any such proof.

The Ottawa County Sheriff's Department told FOX-17 that the behavior currently being reported isn't illegal, but that they still encourage women to report these encounters, as the man may be planning something sinister.

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