Not only can you rent free camping equipment from the City of Grand Rapids - but they'll teach you how to use it!

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GR Outside, a division of Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation, is once again offering free camping courses this summer. Cost is $5 per person.

There are three upcoming courses. After completion, you'll be eligible to rent camping gear from the Thrive Outside Gear Library. The Gear Library is located at the gym at Roosevelt Park at 739 Van Raalte Dr. SW in Grand Rapids.

GR Outside's camping program begins with a certification course that shows you how to properly use all the camping equipment in the library - this includes tents, stoves, hammocks, hiking gear, etc.

They require course completion to ensure that members are comfortable with equipment and also to ensure that the equipment is handled the same way by everyone who borrows it - this will keep the gear working properly for the next person!

The course covers:

  • Gear Library member orientation
  • Trip planning and packing basics
  • Use and care of tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camp stoves, cookware and more
  • How to pack and clean equipment before and after your trip

GR Outside can also help you:

  • Pick and book a campsite
  • Plan a food menu
  • Build a packing camping list
  • Place your gear library registration

GR Outside Camping Course dates are:

  • July 27 5:30-8p.m.
  • August 10 5:30-8p.m.
  • August 16 5:30-8p.m.

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