Last week, each of us ran a 40-yard-dash in the empty office suite next door to see which of us on the show was the fastest. The show member with the slowest time had to get their car wrapped with a design that the other four show members come up with. Hot Wings lost, and his car will be wrapped in the coming days.

Steve and Justin also had a side bet. Whoever had the slowest time between the two of them had to have some hair dyed green. If Justin lost, he'd have to dye his eyebrows.  If Steve lost, he'd have to dye his beard. Well, Justin lost by .003 seconds, so this morning was his day of reckoning.

Special thanks to Cassandra at Cheeky Strut in Grand Rapids for her expertise this morning! All new clients who use the promo code FBHW20 will receive $20 off their first appointment, so call her today!

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