Friday night, May 20th, Ghost hit the Orbit Room for a packed show in Grand Rapids! The band Pinkish Black opened the evening, on the last day of this leg of the "Black to the Future" Tour. Check out video of Ghost, and the introduction of the GRD Sisters of Sin contest winners!

Pinkish Black is a different sort of band, consisting of two guys, drums and keyboard, and they play sort of throwback-70s-style prog rock thing. It's very ambient, and lots of synth and keys floating around. Something completely different.

Then Ghost hit the stage! After about 15 minutes of Satanic chanting, the lights all went out, and "From the Pinnacle to the Pit" kicked off the show. Everyone was singing along with the latest single from Meliora, and throughout the whole set.

This is one of the louder crowds I've heard at the Orbit Room, and you can hear how loud they were in the videos. Great show, loud crowd...what more could you ask for?

How about two lovely Sisters of Sin from Grand Rapids, as selected by YOU!

Jamie and Ashley (Tricia couldn't make it, sadly, so Ashley was next up in the voting) took the stage with Papa Emeritus III, and served the sacrament to those in the front of the pit. Check out the video above where Papa gives the rules to the people in front. Fun stuff.

Before the encore of "Monstrance Clock", the band rocked the song that originally got me into them, "Ritual", from their first album Opus Eponymous. Love that song!

If you missed the show, enjoy the videos...if you went, relive the night with them.