I love a good "Pet Found!" story. And this one is really impressive. Plus, it involves an orange cat, which is super up my alley. Orange kitties for life!


According to the Huffinton Post, Kevin, an orange tabby cat vanished from his home in Anderson, South Carolina 2 years ago. 

Kevin recently turned up in Palm Springs, California, inside inside a U-Haul trailer a woman had driven across the country.

During an inspection of the vehicle, a U-Haul worker heard meowing. And there was Kevin. The driver said she didn't know the cat was inside.

The dehydrated Kevin was taken to a shelter.

His microchip helped track down owner Cheryl Walls. She jokes that Kevin has seen more of the country than she has.

She believes someone must have cared for Kevin for him to survive this long. But who helped out the orange tabby and how Kevin got into the trailer are both mysteries.

It's pretty much a kitty miracle. Also, can we talk about his name is "Kevin"?

So awesome.