Everyone has their own little life hack for everything.  I was telling someone my stupid little hack for staticy shirts today.  Do they work?  Are they just made up?

Some of these winter car hacks sound like great ideas, and I'm going to try them, but since I'm still new at this snow and ice thing, if you have more info for me, that would be great.

Do these things work?

  1. Park Facing East - I've seen this one work...sort of.  When it's cold as s*** outside, it's not as dramatic, but I have seen ice melt off the windshield quicker just because there's direct sunlight on it.
  2. Socks on the Wipers - This seems suspect to me.  Wouldn't the socks just get wet and frozen, then make your wipers impossible to get out?  Besides, who wants to see your nasty old socks with holes in them out in public on your car?
  3. Hand Sanitizer on Your Key - I can understand the whole "heat up your key" idea, but hand sanitizer?  And...who uses their key to open their car doors anymore?  Key fob thingies are all the rage now.  Do people still say "all the rage"?
  4. Kitty Litter in the Trunk - I've seen the sand and salt thing work to thaw ice on the roads.  But does kitty litter actually do the job when you're stuck?  Heck, it doesn't even completely wipe out the stains on the driveway like I was told it would.
  5. Cooking Spray on the Car Doorjamb - If you spray cooking spray, it's supposed to prevent water from getting into the cracks that freeze your doors shut.  Or does it just make your car smell like you're baking bread?
  6. Homemade Wiper Fluid - 2 quarts rubbing alcohol (not whiskey), 1 cup water, 1 TSP dish soap.  I guess all that alcohol would come in handy if you're stuck somewhere, just mix it with some cola and drink it...wait, don't do that.  But will it not freeze, and be able to clean your windshield of that nasty white snow scum?
  7. Vinegar on the Windshield - Will this keep ice from forming on the windshield?  Or will it just keep it from sticking?  I know the whole "water lighter than oil thing" says it will work, so this should be good, right?
  8. Toothpaste Headlight Cleaning - I have one headlight that's all wonky.  Does this work?  Am I going to look like an idiot squeezing toothpaste onto my headlight when I go home tonight?