Joshua Brown from Redding, California is very politically active for being 13 years old; however, he has hit a road block with his congressman. That roadblock is actually a cease and desist letter, an order he plans to resist. 

Brown plans to run for mayor once he turns 18 but until then has been active in making his voice heard by his congressman, Doug LaMalfa.

In August, a letter was sent to Brown and his parents asking him to stop all communication.

Malfa's office put out a statement about the letter saying, "Congressman LaMalfa welcomes all communication from our constituents, it's our job. However, the Brown parents and son's activities rose to a level that caused Capitol Police to conduct a full threat assessment."

Brown said he feels it is unconstitutional to be asked to not speak his opinions and plans on not stopping. His lawyers said they feel the order was not legal-binding and Brown should have no problems.

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