Apparently it has been a thing or a "trend" if you will, for hoards of people on bicycles to ride through streets like busy highways and just ride while taking up the entire road.

As you can imagine it is complete chaos and a pain in the butt for anyone trying to use the roads to get anywhere. It's really inconvenient, even for someplace like a convenience store.

During one of these so-called "bike life" bike rides, dozens of riders decided to stop at a store in LA for some snacks and drinks.

Innocent enough, all that riding you need to replenish energy. We mean, they're not Joe all pumped up on MDrive.

Except this raid was anything but innocent when some of the riders began to stuff whatever they could into backpacks and leave without paying leaving the sole clerk of the store helpless.

Some of the riders did pay but the ones who didn't made out with over $3,000 worth of snacks and drinks.

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