This is the BEST APP EVER.

What to go hang out with your buds, have some beers and watch the game?  Or twelve games?  Or twelve beers?

Not if you want the girlfriend to continue being your girlfriend!

Until now.

Some freaking geniuses have created this amazing app called BroApp and put it up in the GooglePlay store that will actually text your girlfriend FOR YOU!  You can just enter her name and some pre-scripted messages, and the app will do all the work for you, while you hang with your friends, go to that game, or even see the Sancha on the side!  (Not that I would ever encourage you to cheat on your girl, I'm sure she's lovely.)

It also detects when the user has messaged his girlfriend in real time, or she has messaged him, and it cancels any pre-written texts to avoid arousing suspicion.

Finally, there is a “Girlfriend Intrusion Detector”, which the developers claim will send any inquisitive girlfriends to a list of gifts the user was planning to buy her if she tries to get into BroApp.

via Mirror News

Now we just have to wait for the iPhone version, and we're all covered!

Ladies, you can either find out how to catch your guy using the app, or use it yourself!  My buddy Josh on Channel tells you how!