Last week, WGRD was several places around town, with bowling, the Ultimate Hunting Package, NAPA grand opening, and the 311 concert. We're also under construction, and attempting selfies...poorly.

We've had construction workers demolishing most of our building around us for the last several weeks, and we got a little tour of the wreckage recently, to see what's going on, and what's planned. We were just enjoying wearing the hard hats.

Janna went bowling at Fairlanes, for the Bad Bowlers League. We may not be good bowlers, but we still have fun. I mean, come on, there's beer and chicken fingers!

Steve was out at Mainstreet Pub, sitting on a giant quad, and getting people signed up for the Ultimate Hunting Package, where someone will win the quad, a hunting blind, and a $200 Visa gift card! There are more chances to get qualified coming, too!

Hot Wings and Joe were out at the NAPA grand opening party on Saturday in Standale, giving away tons of stuff, and eating custard. so you know those guys were super happy.

And AJ was partying at the 311 concert, with a couple thousand GRD friends! It was a great show, and you can see everyone having a great time!

We also threw in some silly stuff, as we all try to learn how to shoot video. Things are hard.

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