A terrible accident on Gun Lake Sunday afternoon led to a young man's leg being amputated after he jumped off a boat and the boat's propeller hit his leg.

According to WOOD TV, a 20-year-old male passenger in Barry County, decided to jump off a boat without telling the driver. The driver was turning the boat at the time of the jump and the propeller cut the man's leg just above the knee.

There were two doctors that happened to be on the lake at the time of the accident, one from Henry Ford Hospital and one from St. John Hospital in Detroit. The doctors acted fast by swimming to the injured man and applied a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. Due to the severity of the cut, if it wasn't for the doctors quick thinking, the young man could have bled to death.

After emergency responders arrived, the young man was quickly taken to the hospital in serious condition.

The young man is expected to survive but had to undergo surgery at Spectrum Health Butterworth in Grand Rapids on Sunday evening.

The young man is from the Howell area of Michigan and was supposed to start boot camp for the U.S. Marine Corps in a few weeks.

Authorities say there may be charges filed due to alcohol being a factor in the accident. The driver of the boat's name has not been released but is said to be from Allegan.

Although it is legal for boat passengers to drink, it is illegal for the driver of the boat to be drinking.


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