Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about the Bissell "Empty the Shelters' Event, coming up on October 22nd. They're absorbing the cost of adopting pets, so that's the perfect day to help them empty all the shelters in the area!

There are so many cute lil animals you can adopt around the area, and on October 22nd, you won't have to worry about the adoption costs, thanks to Bissell! So not only will you get a new, fun pet, but you'll adopt one for free!

Also, Steve has now officially met Justin's dog, since they now take their dogs to the same doggie daycare place during work, and they've become best doggie friends!

Oddly, still, no one has met Justin's wife. She actually wants it that way. She wants to be the "unicorn" that no one actually believes in here at the station. Is this a real thing to want?

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