GRD got to give away a bunch of tickets this week so people could get in to see the Big Jay Oakerson show with Ben Roy at The Orbit Room in Grand Rapids.

It was all part of Gilda's LaughFest on Thursday night.

Luckily, I got to help introduce comics to the stage, and then stayed to enjoy the show.

Opening up, was Grand Rapids' own, Adam Degi. This dude is seriously funny, and I've seen him at least three times in the last few months.

He's a local comic, and he's got a lot of really funny bits. If you get the chance to go see him, at Dr. Grin's or during Laughfest, I recommend going! He's going to be hosting more amateur and national showcases this weekend.

Next up, another really funny local comic, David Dyer hit the stage. This was my first time seeing him, and he also did Grand Rapids proud. I will definitely go see him again, next chance it get!

Third up, the ridiculously funny Ben Roy. This guy was all over the place, not only on stage, but with his set. He covered a lot of ground, and even threw boxes of water to people in the crowd. By the way, don't ask him why he likes to spoon after sex, you might regret the answer. You'll die laughing, but it's wild.

Finally, Big Jay Oakerson hit the stage. I'd heard good things about him, and he kicked off the set with a lot of crowd interaction. He talked to so many people in the crowd, and incorporated the conversations into bits, and made everyone laugh with crazy questions and observations. Some people might have regretted sitting up front, that's all I'm saying.

It was a great night of comedy at The Orbit Room with LaughFest!

I hope you've been getting to shows, as it's all wrapping up on March 15 (Sunday). So, there's only a weekend left of comedy ahead.

If you can make it out, I'll also be at a national stand-up showcase and another amateur showcase this weekend!

See you there!

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