Just in time for Laughfest, The Comedy Project debuts their newest sketch show, Dissociation Station: Next Stop Happy Town!

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The Comedy Project is back with another hilarious sketch comedy revue. The show had it's opening night on Friday, March 11th and a good time was had by all. The Comedy Project has a welcoming vibe to it and the show had hilarious sketches and digital shorts throughout.

Dissociation Station is a well-written romp through modern-day life and fantastical situations with big laughs and chuckles all along the way. I love the way the show describes itself.

Come escape to a world free of all the awful things you’ve almost gotten used to and lose yourself in the warm, oblivious embrace of comedy

My personal favorite sketches were Gaslight or Gone, The Writer, Early Check-In, Tiered Sexy Accents, Minimalist Assemble, Walking the Dog, and their digital shorts Totally Innocent Apps.

Check out pictures from the show below.


Newest Sketch Show from the Comedy Project - Dissociation Station: Next Stop Happy Town

Dissociation Station is set to run through the first weekend in April. You can catch it Friday's and Saturday's at 8 pm at the Comedy Project. You can find tickets here

About the Comedy Project
The Comedy Project is a comedy theater and moonshine bar in Grand Rapids’ Westside Business District. It's located on Leonard Street by Mitten Brewing, & Long Road Distillers. Parking is in the large lot in the back and on the adjacent Elizabeth and Quarry streets. They feature improv, both sketch and comedy variety shows, a comedy training center, and private event hosting.

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