So, JP Sears is a comedian that’s participating in Laughfest this year and he’s put out a new video titled “Why Grand Rapids Doesn’t Suck” that's starting to go viral.  In it, JP takes a backhanded look at how great our city is.

He touches on Beer City, Founders, Hopcat, Michigan Football, Gerald Ford, Farmer’s Market, our Vespa Gang, and Carnivorous plants at Frederik Meijer Garden.

Now I say backhanded because while we’re proud of our Beer City moniker, he talks about his uncle who loved to drink, and they didn’t reward him for his love of beer. He also mentions how we’re a city of winners as proof by Gerald Ford, who took over after Nixon left office and then lost his bid to be elected in the next election.   And when he talks about Michigan football, if you’re a die-hard Wolverine, maybe skip that part, since he talks about the fans being the epitome of millennials thinking everyone should win, since Ohio Buckeyes beat the Wolverines so often.  He also ends the video talking about the carnivorous plants at FMG, and how ironic it is to watch vegans stand at a plant that loves meat.

Before you get super mad, just remember he’s a comedian and this is his job… and what he says is pretty funny. As his bio on the Laughfest website reads,

JP Sears is a YouTuber, comedian, emotional healing coach, author, speaker, world traveler, and curious student of life

JP Sears will be performing March 6th and 7th at Pyramid Scheme as part of the Laughfest line-up. You can get more info and tickets HERE.

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